TESTER - Artisanal Cashew Cheese Chili Lime - 170g

TESTER - Artisanal Cashew Cheese Chili Lime - 170g

Fresh Start

Chili Lime- Cultured cashew base with fermented chili paste and fresh cilantro, with a generous dash of garlic and lime. A complex, spicy, and sweet taste-adventure. King of the charcuterie board! Takes sandwiches and dips to a new level. This cheese has reached cult status among Fresh Start lovers. 

170 g

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Taste the evolution of dairy-free!
At Fresh Start we offer everything that consumers
love about traditional cheeses.
We make innovative, artisanal, dairy-free cheeses
and have been producing high-quality cashew and
almond-based products since 2017 at Bio Food
Tech in Charlottetown, PE. Our goal is to produce
the healthiest, most delicious alternative cheeses
possible. We have gained an excellent reputation for
our luxurious textures and bold flavours using fresh
herbs and spices and high-quality nuts.
All of our products are incredibly versatile and can
add a creamy flavour boost to any meal, snack or
charcuterie board.
We began selling at local markets and specialty
stores, and now have distribution throughout the
Maritimes, and across Ontario and BC. Our products
can also be ordered online and shipped world-wide
at vegansupply.com. We are available in many
independent specialty stores as well as chains
like Sobeys and Healthy Planet. 

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