San Martin (70% + Maca Cocoa)

San Martin (70% + Maca Cocoa)

Tribe Chocolate

Maca grows in the high Andes of central Peru at altitudes above 13,000ft!

As well as increasing Libido, Maca is a mood-boosting energizing Superfood that contains all 8 essential amino acids and is an excellent source of calcium and iron.

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This is Tribe Chocolate, handcrafted, pure & ethically sourced two-ingredient chocolates. Ran and operated by Eric Berg and Marco Mecozzi. Eric, Fascinated by the Shipibo Tribe caring for their land in Peru, fell in love with the cacao plant, the Amazon, the people, the culture and the opportunity to create more Love in the world through Cacao. Marco, A retired Engineer and Firefighter with a passion for connecting with others around the world. Marco adores this collaboration and pours his heart and soul into the production of the chocolate bars, every day.