We're a family business built on the premise of feeding delicious food to our kids that's a little better for them and for the planet.  

Yellofruit™ is a frozen dessert made with an organic banana-base instead of cream, milk or other dairy ingredients. It's an alternative to traditional dairy ice cream. It's also a tastier alternative to the nut, soy, and coconut based products on the market today. Yellofruit™ is not icy like the 'all fruit' or 'sorbet' desserts on the market, and not chalky or dry like some of the nut-milk alternatives. Instead, Yellofruit™ has a creamy and unique taste, loaded with fruit and flavour.

Our three kids each have a favourite flavour and love to ask for it by name, whether that's Monty's Favourite Strawberry™ or Holly's Favourite Mango™ or Eddy's Favourite Chocolate™.