The Valley Alchemist Tea Co.

We believe tea is so much more than a bag of orange pekoe. It’s a sophisticated elixir with nuance, depth and complexity. It’s an afternoon indulgence, and a morning energizer. It keeps you cozy on a cold wintery day, and it refreshes you in the middle of a summer heat wave. It’s magical - and we know that not all teas are created equal.

In a category loaded with bold health claims, additives and sugars we are determined to offer high quality, pure teas, in wickedly fun flavours. We are all about guilt-free pleasure in your cup.

One of the key reasons we’re committed to loose leaf tea is that it’s a lower-waste format; from single-layer retail packaging, to zero micro-plastics in your drink.

We recommend stainless steel strainers for making our tea, but if you prefer the convenience of bagged tea, we offer 100% paper compostable and biodegradable infuser bags. These can go straight in your backyard compost or municipal green bin when you’re finished with them.