More Granola

More Granola is Canada’s first and only brand of snackable granola chunks. We make
granola snacks in a line of dessert inspired flavours, including Pecan Pie, Hot
Cocoa and Salted Caramel.  

The idea for More Granola was born out of a personal need. Founder Sarah used
to buy boxes of granola only to pick out all the little chunks to snack on. She
could never understand why those pieces were so rare, when they were so clearly
the best part of the box! The void was clear: granola snacks are limited
to chewy, single serve balls and bars, and granola cereal is too messy to eat
without a spoon.  

More Granola was created to bridge the gap, with crunchy granola chunks that can be
eaten right out of the bag or broken up to eat by the spoonful. Picture large,
cookie-like pieces of your favourite crunchy granola bar piled high in a
resealable bag designed for easy access. Our consumers are inspired to get
creative, with granola chunks big enough to eat in a variety of ways. Having
the flexibility to be both a stand-alone snack, or act as part of a larger
meal, positions More Granola as an ‘anytime food’ that is enjoyed throughout
the day.