Firecracker Pepper Sauce

For our wedding, we made jars of 'Trini style' pepper sauce from a family recipe and sent them home as wedding favours. After the wedding, we received compliments, and inquiries about where the sauces could be purchased. Trinidad is home to some of the world's hottest peppers and has a rich history in the art of crafting pepper sauces - dating back 150 years to when the Indians were brought to the island, bringing with them their culture, food and spices. Trinidadian 'recipes' are rarely documented, or mass produced.  Rather these culinary traditions are taught iteratively through families. Recognizing the gap in the market, we started our company, standardizing these age-old culinary traditions. Our goal is to introduce the authentic flavour profiles of Trini pepper sauces, using all-natural ingredients to consumers who value authenticity and quality. We hope you will join us in this journey.

Founded in 2018 by Carmen & Michael McCracken