Collingwood Kombucha

My grandmother was just 45 years old when her doctor told her she had lupus and that there was nothing they could do to help her. On her way home from work one day the Chinese man who sold her veggies, asked why she was losing her hair and the pigmentation of her skin?  Certain he could help her, he took her to the back of the shop where he practiced Chinese Medicine. She went home with all kinds of strange plants/roots for medicinal tea, herbal tinctures in a little brown bottles and an alternative way to tackle her illness. From that day forward she took control of her own health, putting aside allopathic medicine and following alternative, wholistic and herbal health care.  She lived a strong and vibrant life, free from disease, until the age 96. Her story inspired me to follow my own journey of natural healing, and eventually landed me with a SCOBY that I have been nurturing since 2017.

Our premium herbal kombucha is slow and wild fermented in repurposed oak wine barrels from Adamo Estates in Hockley Valley, ON. Working with fermentation in wood, allows the much needed oxygen to permeate the product and ultimately offer the bacteria, yeast, and micronutrients to thrive. This makes what we do a truely "craft" process, each batch is only 200L and is loveingly cared for in these sustainable and renewable vessels.

Founded by Christy Deere