Alma + Gil

ALMA Y GIL was founded by Gerry Quintero and Mandy Sou, in January 2019. Both chefs craving a Non Alc option that paired up fearlessly with food. The company is named after Gerry's grandparents. He wanted to create a company that reflects on his families values of honest-hard work. Their kombucha is crafted with the out-most care to keep some of the sweetness from the organic cane sugar to carry the organic tea flavours, making them great mixers or enjoyed on the rocks with any meal!

Covid has challenged the company with constant changes since most of their customers were restaurants. They have branched out to offer local produce through their online shop, food popup during the week and brunch on weekends as well as packaged meals for coffee shops and home alike.

Founders Mandy Sou and Gerry Quintero